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Beneficios, beneficios y más beneficios

Llegó el verano, y tus planes son tomar sol en tu terraza... Bueno nosotros te solucionamos los planes para todo el verano. Tenemos más de 30 convenios para que hagas los planes cuando y donde desees... Solo elige dónde ir en la V Región y lo demás corre por cuenta nuestra.


28, Dec 2016

“Siri, pídeme un auto con Cabify”

Queremos informarle a todos nuestros usuarios de Android que pueden pedir un taxi con tan solo decirlo… Claro, si es que tuvieran un iPhone. Pero no se preocupen, igual pueden seguir viajando con nosotros.


03, Nov 2016

We keep growing with 12 million more reasons

Thank you, your parents, your friends and everyone for their preference. We want to celebrate your preference by announcing something big that is happening: we keep growing in a very amazing way and now we have a new investment of $120 million dollars directed by Rakuten, Inc.


20, Apr 2016

More motivation to grow, Waze optimizes the routes

Living in the city with all the technology is great, but we also get all the traffic, especially when we have to cross the city to go to work… But just like us, Waze thinks of you and has improved its service for you and all transport companies.


26, Jan 2016

We renovate and make it simpler for you

If we already keep you from having to wait for a taxi out in the street, don’t you think it was a matter of time for us to make your experience even simpler? We have renovated ourselves so you can travel in the simplest way adapted to your tastes.


15, Dec 2015