Winning $100 is easier than you think


In October we brought Google to reward you… Yes, reward you only for travelling around the city. Win prizes, money or discounts while you travel. Besides, you can be a part of the Google Local Guides community and earn points while contributing with Google Maps.

GOOGLE LOCAL GUIDES CAR: For 2 weeks, Google cars will be part of our fleet in the Lite category, bringing gifts. If one of these cars comes for you, you won.

CONTEST: During your trip, you will be able to leave a review in Google Local Guides with your Gmail account associated to our App. You will have to show your review to the driver and you will obtain a card with a discount code for your future rides. Participate clicking here.

DISCOUNTS: You will be able to receive benefits from the restaurants with the best ratings in Google Local Guides! You will obtain 20% discount in your trip to and from the restaurant, as well as benefits in the restaurant by showing your receipt from Cabify.

How to participate?

  1. Register in our App by clicking here.
  2. Order a Cabify from October 11 to 25, wait for your Local Guides car
  3. Leave a review on Google Maps and enjoy the Local Guides experience