More motivation to grow, Waze optimizes the routes


Living in the city with all the technology is great, but we also get all the traffic, especially when we have to cross the city to go to work… But just like us, Waze thinks of you and has improved its service for you and all transport companies.

This allows us to grow with Waze ETA, step by step navigation which shows the favorite routs in your native apps with precise information about the traffic in real time.

It’s a win-win situation for you, thanks to an improved service. All thanks to the launch of Waze Transport SDK (Software Developer Kit), empowering on-demand. It provides an unprecedented vision built over years of data from more than 50 million active Wazers worldwide, which amplifies our knowledge and thus, our quality.

Thinking of improving for you, six partners were initially selected in four industries, working for nine countries in order to provide an important and useful feeback. This way, Waze demonstrates its versatility to motivate navigation in mobile developers in any area.

Optimized Routes = More passengers = More opportunities to generate income

Transport for Hire 99Taxis (Brazil)
Cabify (Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia)
Lyft (US)
Delivery Cornershop (Mexico and Chile)
Parking JustPark (UK)
Emergency Dispatch Genesis Pulse (US)

“As one of the collaborative economy leaders, we are in a continuous search of ways in which we can built more efficient cities sharing information and resources”, says the founder and CEO of JustPark, Anthony Eskinazi.

“The pioneer model of Waze, that accumulate traffic information in real time collectively, is the best option for us and we are confident that this integration will help to improve and reward our user experience”.

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