“Siri, call a car with Cabify”


We want to inform all our Android users that you can ask for a taxi only by saying it… That is, if you had an iPhone. But do not worry, you can still travel with us.

This is possible thanks to a new alliance with Apple, in which we have integrated our App with Siri, our iOS users’ personal assistant, who can now also order a taxi without having to press any buttons.

If you need to leave quickly or if you have your hands busy, you only have to talk to Siri: “call a taxi with Cabify” and that’s it, one of our drivers (Lite category) will immediately come to pick you up.

In case you were wondering “and how will Siri know where to order the taxi from?”, well, it’s Siri, she knows exactly where you’re standing. And for those multilinguals do not worry, she also speaks every language, so you can speak to her in English, Portuguese or French.

Mention any of these phrases

  • Order a ride using Cabify
  • Order a taxi
  • Order a ride home
  • Call a taxi with Cabify

Update to the latest version today. Siri is waiting… and your driver too.

See it in action

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