We celebrate 5 years with you


It’s our birthday: we have already spent 5 years with you… but don’t worry, we don’t want you to get us anything, it’s enough to know that you trust us to transport you efficiently around the city.

A surprise is waiting for you

As we said, we don’t want you to get us anything, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any birthday surprises. Not for us, for you. We will celebrate by putting gifts in different cars at random.

Do you want to participate? It’s very simple...

  1. First, order a Cabify
  2. Second, be lucky
  3. Lastly, get into your Cabify and find out if there is something for you.

The best of luck to all.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms will vary according to the city.

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Cabify makes your wishes come true

It is true that we are no Santa Claus, but we do want to make your and your loved ones’ wishes come true. That is why we are putting Cabify Wish cars around the city with cards so you may write your wishes or those of your loved ones. You are very close to making your wishes come true.