Everything will be 8 million times better


Well, you already know us and you know that we are the first European app which takes you around the city in high range cars and with a private driver. But did you know that everything will be even bigger?

Yes, and it’s because Seaya Ventures is supporting us with $5,5 million, among other Latin American investors, bringing a total of $8 million reasons for growing, growing and growing.

This investment comes to help us achieve our dream of transforming the way of moving around the city all over the world and it will speed up our growth in order to help us be even better, taking up new markets in Spain and Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile and Peru. Besides, in 2014, we will create more than 20 direct jobs and more than 300 indirect jobs.

And to think that all of it sums up to the initial investment of $4 million by the Silicon Valley Venture Capital Funds and other European investors which founded this company, launched by Juan de Antonio Sam Lown and Adeyemi Ajao (one of the founders of the Tuenti social media).

Thanks, thanks and thanks for your preference… we have already exceeded 100,000 downloads internationally and 35,000 in Spain and we are one of the best apps of the year in the Mexico Apple Store.

We already help you to pay automatically with a card or PayPal from any device, and with a wide variety of incredible cars for the Executive (Mercedes Class E or Audi A6), Luxury (Mercedes Class S) and Group (Mercedes Viano minivans) categories. Both corporations and event organization can manage everything through a corporate interface, making several reservations in advance and immediate requests where you are in control of the expenses. But we want more.

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4 million reasons to be better

We are growing like foam with our new Cabify Lite category, you can now travel around the city in a high range car, with a first-class service, safe and paying 20% less than a traditional taxi.


We have 12 million reasons to grow

We like you travelling the way you deserve, with all comfort in a high range car and we thank your preference, which is why we are already leaders in more than 11 cities in Latin America and Spain… but let’s grow, grow and grow with the new $12 million financing lead by Rakuten, Inc.