4 million reasons to be better


We are growing like foam with our new Cabify Lite category, you can now travel around the city in a high range car, with a first-class service, safe and paying 20% less than a traditional taxi.

We have a lot of advantages for you in this new category, the price from place to place is locked and you know it beforehand, the payment is automatic with card, and if you want to ensure the transport to a certain place and time, you simply have to make a reservation from the app.

“Cabify has demonstrated that there is a legal and cheap alternative to the traditional taxi service and with excellent conditions for the drivers. One of the things we are proudest of is our quality work for the thousands of drivers who work with us”, Juan de Antonio, CEO and founder of Cabify, explains.

Seaya Ventures and Black Vine, among other Latin American investors have seen our great growth and now give us $4 million reasons to be better (3.17 million Euros), and that is not all, because it is the first part of a Class B investment cycle, to continue improving and growing for you.

To give you an idea, we are 100 professionals in 4 offices in 4 countries, we generate work for more than 2000 drivers and our invoicing grows 30% monthly, and we will shortly become one of the Spanish startups with greatest investment, with a total of $16 million. And we are looking for more.

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We like you travelling the way you deserve, with all comfort in a high range car and we thank your preference, which is why we are already leaders in more than 11 cities in Latin America and Spain… but let’s grow, grow and grow with the new $12 million financing lead by Rakuten, Inc.