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Cabify: A new look

09, Feb 2017

Movement is an essential part of Cabify. We are never still. We grow. We move forward. We evolve. Our journey began in a few cities in Latin America, and today we are in 12 countries globally. Along the way we started asking ourselves if our image truly reflected who we are and where we are going.

New Image

We are changing our look because we want to show ourselves as we really are. Close. Fun. Human. Our new colors highlight our optimism and youthful spirit. Purple makes us stand out and reflects our unique personality.

Our symbol, the C of Cabify, represents movement, the journey passengers and drivers share together every day.

Our illustrations are a tribute to the cities and all their characters and stories. An original and fun way of saying that Cabify belongs to everyone, and is for everyone.

Going together

We are changing because we want to change your travel experience. Our mission is not simply transporting you; we want you to enjoy the ride. Improving the experience for passengers and drivers. Because when we go together, our cities and communities move forward.

Cabify Purple

Meet the new us #CabifyPurple

Why change? We'll tell you

Making of the brand

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