We renovate and make it simpler for you


If we already keep you from having to wait for a taxi out in the street, don’t you think it was a matter of time for us to make your experience even simpler? We have renovated ourselves so you can travel in the simplest way adapted to your tastes.

We have worked hard for this: we have spent several months together with a specialized team, whose work has managed to get Cabify’s update into Apple’s App Store in February and Google’s Play Store in March.

As we said, we will make your experience as simple and personalized as possible… Here you can see the novelties it brings:

    You can speak with your driver even before asking for a Cabify. Does it sound weird? You only have to enter your preferences and choose the radio you like to listen to, if you like air conditioning on or, well, if you like good service, that the driver open the door for you.

    You come and go to the same places every day, it is a matter of time for us to know where you live. You only have to click a button to save your favorite addresses.

    It’s impossible not to compare everything in this life, and we are definitely good comparing prices. Get the price of the different categories in the same screen.

    You don’t have to leave your house to look for a taxi driver at the corner of your house. You can reserve a Cabify from your armchair for the day and time you need.

    It’s imposible to always be available, but we make our best effort to pick you up. If you can’t find a driver, you have the choice of continuing your search for the amount of time that is more convenient for you.

For more info about Cabify, visit the web. #SoyCabify

*Group is only available in Lima, Madrid, Málaga, Valencia, Santiago, V Región and Lisboa.

Press contact: Vianey Campos
Gerente de RP, Cabify México

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