Have you heard about our latest innovation for businesses?


In Cabify we love to change. We change the way people get from A to B, we change the lives of our drivers and we change the cities we operate in. And since we love change, now we’re launching our new Cabify for Business web platform: more simple, more efficient and more interactive than ever.

Cabify Business, by numbers

At Cabify for Business we use technology to make transport more intelligent. Our service is used by more than 50,000 companies around the world and we’ve already traveled over 107 million kilometres. In 2017 our income grew 500% and our client base grew 220%. In some countries, our corporate service now accounts for more than half our revenue. But we keep on growing!

Discover the benefits of the new platform

  • Navigate easily and intuitively, with tools that allow management of up to 100,000 users. You can apply filters and restrictions and organize your employees by name, code, charge code or business unit (project, department, etc).
  • Activate real-time notifications to have total control over the cost of all your journeys. You’ll know how much you’re spending, when, and in which projects or groups of users..
  • Download interactive reports that will help you make more informed decisions and accelerate business performance.

With our new 100% online platform, we help you to guide your company down the path of more control and higher productivity, with the same high standards of quality and security as always. In Cabify for Business you can count on:

  • 24/7 client support
  • Reservations of you, your employees and your clients
  • The flexibility to pay with different payment methods
  • Your team’s safety and wellbeing

We’re changing, and we want you to change with us. Discover the new Cabify for Business platform and move your business more intelligently!

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Since we started Cabify in Madrid some seven years ago, a few proud moments really stand out. There was the day we first started operations in Latin America. Then there’s that slightly surreal Monday morning a few years ago when we found out we’d reached 1 million rides worldwide. But I think today’s announcement makes me even prouder.