A Year of Sustainable Growth


By the end of 2019 we had a clear purpose: we wanted to use our Sustainability Report to show the commitments that we have taken on as a company for the next three years through the Sustainability Master Plan, as well as the initial results that have come about as a consequence of this plan. Our commitments meet the expectations of our stakeholders, which has been made clear through our Materiality Analysis.

The result of collective effort

We quickly began to gather up the information thanks to the collaboration of all the company’s departments, and all the countries we operate in.

We understand that sustainability is cross-sectional to all business areas and teams. This is why the greatest challenge has been to draft a document on which all parties could contribute and feel represented. Why? Because our corporate headquarters are based in Madrid, but our actions have just as much impact in 10 other Latin American countries, each facing their own particular reality.

Luckily, we are experts at narrowing the gap between A and B, and once again we have been able to prove that we can work hand in hand, despite the thousands of kilometers that separate us.

How did we create our Report?

Our Sustainability Report was drawn up following two main principles: transparency and coherence. In order to provide the transparency necessary to discuss our commitment to sustainability, we made sure this Report meets both national and international reporting standards. In terms of coherence, we used the information gathered on our 2018 Report as the foundation of this Report.

Returning to transparency, the annual results shown on this Report are the same as those reported quarterly to the Investment Development Bank (IDB Invest) with whom we have an agreement to develop mobility in Latin America. All this information reflects our advances and our sustainability strategy.

Words that represent our purpose

We are very proud of this 2019 Sustainability Report and of what it represents. This is a document that reflects our character as an organization, and summarizes how we use the things we learn in order to create the future we imagine for our cities: a safer, more inclusive and more accessible future, with greater freedom of movement and greater respect towards the environment. With our Report, we want to show that our vision of sustainability stems from great commitment.

Only through perfect understanding of our company and the impact it has are we able to explain why our strategy has worked as the groundwork for the milestones we are proud to have reached: we are pioneers in achieving sustainable profitability; we include everyone on this great journey by committing to accessibility; we continue to think about the environment by offsetting our carbon footprint; and we are quality employers and a source of innovation, development and opportunity for all.

In short, our Sustainability Report shows how our objectives become reality, and how we set goals for the future. Our journey, however, is far from over; it gets bigger with every step we take.

Natalia Gutierrez is Global Head of Sustainable Impact and Safety (CSR) at Cabify