2018 Sustainability Report: Our Commitment to Cities


We’re very happy to share our 2018 Sustainability Report with you today, in which we go into detail on all the projects we’ve carried out in order to have a positive impact on the cities where we operate. Which projects do we mean? We’re talking about the projects related to labour rights, human rights, the environment, and anti-corruption.

To be more specific and to give a few examples, here are some of the great achievements we’ve reached, and which we feel very proud of:

  1. We’re the first mobility app in the world to 100% offset its carbon footprint.
  2. We provide stable employment to our drivers, including those in a situation of occupational exclusion.
  3. Every ride completed together was invoiced and taxed 100% in Spain.
  4. We innovate, so both passengers and drivers feel safer when travelling.

Cabify was created with the goal of making mobility sustainable. Eight years on, we can say loud and clear that we’re achieving that goal. But this is just the beginning... we’ve got a long way to go yet!