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Global and behind the scenes news from Cabify

Book a journey when you schedule a meeting

Is your calendar overflowing with appointments? Thought so. We want to help you be on time for everything, so we’ve made things easy. Now, as long as you have your Microsoft email active, you can reserve your Cabify at the same moment as making a calendar entry.


06, Mar 2017

Cabify: A new look

Movement is an essential part of Cabify. We are never still. We grow. We move forward. We evolve. Our journey began in a few cities in Latin America, and today we are in 12 countries globally. Along the way we started asking ourselves if our image truly reflected who we are and where we are going.


09, Feb 2017

Cabify makes your wishes come true

It is true that we are no Santa Claus, but we do want to make your and your loved ones’ wishes come true. That is why we are putting Cabify Wish cars around the city with cards so you may write your wishes or those of your loved ones. You are very close to making your wishes come true.


01, Dec 2016

We celebrate 5 years with you

It’s our birthday: we have already spent 5 years with you… but don’t worry, we don’t want you to get us anything, it’s enough to know that you trust us to transport you efficiently around the city.


06, Oct 2016

Winning $100 is easier than you think

In October we brought Google to reward you… Yes, reward you only for travelling around the city. Win prizes, money or discounts while you travel. Besides, you can be a part of the Google Local Guides community and earn points while contributing with Google Maps.


01, Oct 2016

We keep growing with 12 million more reasons

Thank you, your parents, your friends and everyone for their preference. We want to celebrate your preference by announcing something big that is happening: we keep growing in a very amazing way and now we have a new investment of $120 million dollars directed by Rakuten, Inc.


20, Apr 2016

More motivation to grow, Waze optimizes the routes

Living in the city with all the technology is great, but we also get all the traffic, especially when we have to cross the city to go to work… But just like us, Waze thinks of you and has improved its service for you and all transport companies.


26, Jan 2016