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Introducing our new business platform…

At Cabify we’re transforming how businesses move their people, offering our clients a quality, efficient transport solution that puts them in control. We’ve travelled over 107 million kilometres with hundreds of thousands of business clients.


19, Feb 2018

New app

If the start of a new year is a time for self-improvement, this year we're going all in... we've released a brand new app! There's all sorts of improvements that will enhance your Cabify experience, such as:


08, Feb 2018

Book a journey when you schedule a meeting

Is your calendar overflowing with appointments? Thought so. We want to help you be on time for everything, so we’ve made things easy. Now, as long as you have your Microsoft email active, you can reserve your Cabify at the same moment as making a calendar entry.


06, Mar 2017

Cabify: A new look

Movement is an essential part of Cabify. We are never still. We grow. We move forward. We evolve. Our journey began in a few cities in Latin America, and today we are in 12 countries globally. Along the way we started asking ourselves if our image truly reflected who we are and where we are going.


09, Feb 2017